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Wholesale Information

Professional Work

    MANZARI has concentrated on establishing a secure environment for its wholesale clients. As Manzari has participated on numerous of exhibitions, it's trusted by loads of companies. The fact that our team consists of highly experienced and trainned professionals is the reason why our final products are always remarkable.

 Always on Time

    Manzari can guarantee that your wholesale orders will be completed precisely and on schedule due to its big manufacturing capacity. Any defective item from an order can be returned back right away to be rectified or replaced. You can easily get in contact with our company by creating your account and completing the form bellow to request pricelists.

New to the business?

    Our company always welcome newcomers at the business. If you are interested in selling fur garments and  you want to know more information or helpful advice feel free to contact with us. We will make sure to provide you with the best fur clothing in the market at competitive prices.

Ready to order?

    Before placing a purchase, you must gather the product codes for the items you are interested in purchasing. If you are ready to make an order you can fulfill the form below and follow the instructions there. Make sure you have collected the right product codes that you need. After your order submition you will recieve an email with the final price and a completed order list. As soon as you acknowledge all of them and make the advance payment thats needed, work on your order may begin

Marble Surface

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